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KODAR - Urmiye Prison

Recently, Islamic Republic of Iran has started a massive attacking campaign against the Kurdish Nation in Eastern Kurdistan (Rojhelat). This vial attacking against Kurds comes parallel to an political repression toward the political prisoners and other Kurdish civilians in prison. It appears from this that the Iranian regime is preparing for a wider campaign against all of the Kurdish community in East of Kurdistan. The number of people being imprisoned for political activities is increasing. Today six of the inmates, Ibrahim Issapour, Sirwan Najawi, Habib and Ali Afshari, Saman Nasim also Younes Aghaiyan, are facing death by hanging. It remains unknown, whether they have been moved to unknown places in order to await execution. As of writing, their fate is unknown. For a number of days, Iranian officials remain silent using this approach as a mean of mental fight thereby mocking the families and the Kurdish people.

According to information known to the public through human rights organisations, two of the prisoners, Sirwan Najawi and Ibrahim Issapour, have been on strike for 5 days now. The fate of the other ones are unknown and unclear. Simultaneous to this attitude of the Iranian government, military operations take place in the regions of Mako, Serdeşt, Mehabad, Sine. The activities have been seen on the borderside appearing as they are preparing to fight against the Kurdish freedom movement.

Those measures of Islamic Republic of Iran come at the time when other parts of Kurdistan are under attacked and the pressure on the Kurdish nation is increasing. It is likely that in some stage those attacking forces are united. It was seen in the past how these forces united against the Kurdish nation. The obvious examples were in the year of 2011, when the Iranian state planned to pull the Turkish regime into the front in order to make the Kurdish nation a victim society. Iranian regime have started these wide attacks on the prisoners and the mountain area, but all of their plans have been failed. In particular, the political balance comes against what the Iranian government were hoping for.

Of all countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran should know this very well that the level of political and national awareness of Kurds and Kurdish liberation movement is at its peak. For this reason, executions by hanging and this policy of freighting, armed force, attacks, militarily forces have no affect on our nation. This kind of planning and policy have failed in the past by the unforeseen resistance for the past ten years in Rojhelat. Thanks to the spirit and fight of hundreds of martyrs, those plans are entirely destroyed.

On this basis, we as the Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR) warn the Iranian regime and call upon to bring an end to this policy and attitude against the Kurds. The regime must end its the attacks against the prisoners as they have no ways to defend and protect themselves. The regime must stop now. In this way, we announced and say it again that killing by hanging the prisoners and execution is our red line and we will react very strongly. We hope that the Islamic regime of Iran should not pass and cross our red line and call upon the regime to announce and explain the fate of those who are arrested and in prison.

Meanwhile we ask all our nation in all parts of Kurdistan in particular in Rojhelat and our people abroad to come forward against for this cause until the fate of Kurdish political prisoners is revealed and they are be released. Also we ask the families of the Kurdish political and civil detainees to unite and be aware against all kind of special warfare from Iran and pursue the situation of the prisoners in a cautious manner.

With revolutionary regards,
February 25, 2015
Co-chairs of Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan ─ KODAR