The Iranian Border Guard troops opened fire towards on few Kurdish Kolbers. Consequently, one of them, who was 19 year-old and named Pedram Mohammadi, was killed straight away at the scene.

According to the Human Rights Activists’ report in Iran, the Iranian Border Guard troops were shooting at Kurdish group traders, who are known as Kolbers, at Jale’s border checkpoint in Pawe’s region, Monday night on 29th of September 2014.

After Pedram Mohammadi, who was the son of Anushirvan and the 19-year-old young man from the Siryas village, was killed. Then another four traders were detained with him.

A local resource revealed the names of detainees. They are named Rekewt Mohammadi, Arash Hosseini, Shirzad Hosseini and Herman Hosseini.

It worth to analyse that Kolbars (carriers) named for edgy workers who has not got other choice and are being forced to earn their living by selling items which are shipped. The majority of them are from Urmiye, Sine and Kirmanshan regions, who are doing this job. They have to do this job even they get very low wages to transport the goods on their shoulders for many hours to make living.