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Firat Amargî

It appears that Turkey has seemingly called for Iran to smooth down their intensified relationship. In the past two weeks, after a long and furious dispute, Turkey tricks to invite Iran into cooperation and alliance. Apparently, the recent developments in Bab and military confrontation between Turkey and Syrian were the main reasons of this tension. After a serious dispute between Iran and Turkey, Mevlut Çavuşoğlu, the foreign minister of Turkey, in his trip to Pakistan to take part in ECO meeting of ministers, thanked his Iranian counterpart, Zarif, for his vigilance at the night of the failed coup.

During the past two weeks, tension between Iran and Turkey was so heightened that many were too pessimist to see any improvement in relationship in the near future. The tensions abruptly rose up at the sidelines of ECO meeting held in Munich, where Mohammed Javad Zarif spoke against Turkey with ungratefulness language, for they had forgotten the vigilance of the Iranian authorities at the failed coup night.

Though Zarif’s Turkish counterpart has traveled to take part at ECO meeting, but he has also notified that they won’t forget Zarif’s vigilance and his four times call during that night, it seems difficult that differences between Iran and Turkey would vanish through these expressions. Turkey and Iran already have serious disputes in Syria, and following the lining up of Turkish and Syrian military forces near Bab borders, it is expected that tensions would escalate in the near future.

Çavuşoğlu has stated; “Iran and Turkey are on the same boat in terms of truce in Syria in regard to the aggression between the two country authorities during the last week’. It is not expected that Turkish authorities are serious on their words. Just a few days ago, for example, Turkey entered into an intense confrontation with the Syrian military in Bab, taking a heavy toll.

The Syrian political situation is now in a way that Turkey has almost reached a dead lock. This country has almost lost the support of Americans, and Russia has undertaken new positions towards the Turkish military. So, Turkey with the feeling of being alone in north Syria, intends to approach Iran. In this way, it at least could avoid the existing pressure on itself and prevent Assad’s attack on its forces in Bab.

The position of the Iranian authorities towards this stance of Turkey is not clear yet. Though it is going to be a meeting between Zarif and Erdoğan at the sidelines of ECO summit in Pakistan, but there are still many obstacles for Turkey to normalize mutual relationships. Moreover, Turkey is now in its weakest position after entering north Syria and Iran has not any ground to strengthen it in Syria, as this might be linked to general policy of governance in Iran and its disagreement with state sector.

The government of Iran and IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Sepahe Pasdaran) are almost running different policies in Syria and in fact Rouhani’s government is just tracking them. That’s why the request of normalizing relationship between Erdoğan and Rouhani means the acceptance of the Iranian government, IRGC and the Syrian regime.

Iran, however, due to the Kurdish question in the Middle East and the prevention of connecting two cantons of Efrîn and Kobanî to each other, gave permission to the Turkish military to enter north Syria. But it is not expected that with the arrival of Assad forces in Bab and the departure of the two countries’ armies at the same border, Iran and Syria would admit another foreign military force.

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