In Sine  a city of the Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan), women celebrated March 8, International Women’s Day and said, “We also say ‘NO’ to Erdoğan’s dictatorship.”

Women from Sine gathered for March 8, International Women’s Day and issued a press statement. Noting that the Kurdish people live under the oppression of colonialists, the women said, “Male-dominant mindset puts the society under blockade. Women’s life is more threatened than everyone’s life. Kurdish women must create themselves again with the thought and philosophy of Leader APO (Abdulla Öcalan), like the legend of Kobanê in such a period that denies the capabilities and power of the women.”

We also say ‘No’ to dictatorship

Emphasizing the Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s ideology of women’s freedom, the women recalled the words of Abdullah Öcalan, “Beautiful women are the free women, and every woman in the society has the right to be free.” Sine women said, “We also say ‘No’ to Erdoğan’s dictatorship. The development of a free society is only possible with the women’s social freedom.”


Source: Gazete Şûjin