Dr Mezlûm Heftten

Dr. Mezlum Heftten, member of the Coordination Council of Free and Democratic Society of Eastern Kurdistan (KODAR), was interviewed by Newroz TV which featured Abdullah Öcalan, and talked about Öcalan’s characteristics: “His manners and sincerity as a leader has caused all the love for him by the people.”

Dr. Mezlum Heftten, in the program of Rojevî Rojhelat (Rojhelat’s Agenda) on Newroz TV has said regarding the characteristics of Leader APO, that “Öcalan is simple and has never has separated himself from the people”. “Leader APO is an example of how to live a life of truth and leadership. When a human life is purposeful, then he will not accept anything less than a free life.”

Dr. Mezlum Heftten added: “Leader APO has a broad and deep visibility to the issues. He understands history well, and has experienced history and therefore he has established and devoted to a life of resistance.”

In another part of his speech regarding the isolation that’s been imposed on Öcalan, Heftten emphasized: “Today, the most extreme pressures by the global hegemonic systems are being applied on leader APO. Therefore the culture established within the PKK cannot be accepted by regional powers. As a result, they are trying to destroy leader APO. Pressures are patterned against him, and not only by Turkey and Kurdish mercenaries, but also by NATO as well as the representatives of capitalism. They do not want any group who are capable of changing the region to obtain power. The superpowers are trying to make leader APO surrender, but surrender is not in the philosophy of our struggle.”

Heftten said, when the international conspiracy against leader APO occurred, it created massive protests around Rojhelat (East Kurdistan). Seventy people were killed from Îlam to Maku, because they defended their leader. By the arrest of leader APO, the people felt that their identity had been captured. The people of Rojhelat still have the same enthusiasm to participate in the liberation resistance.