Axîn and Zeryan

JINHA, AMED ─ Two women, who promised each other that they would never leave alone each other in every area of life on the lands they were born, fought until the last moment in order to fulfill their promise. Axîn and Zeryan met in Botan region last time. They wrote their names in Botan resistance by fighting for self-government to the end.

Derya Karahan (nick name: Axîn Mahîr Dîcle) and Ayşe Kaçar (nick name: Zeryan) were born in Bağlar biggest district of Amed (Diyarbakir). They didn’t leave each other since their childhood. Two friends took part in women’s works in 2000s and then joined to the PKK. Axîn Cizre and Zeryan lost their life in Şirnex resistance.

First Axîn joined the PKK, then Zeryan. Axîn, who migrated to Amed in 2000s due to displacement policies, fought against the displacement policies and carried out works in Amed’s Sur district. Zeryan impressed by Axîn and began to carry out works in the Hatboyu Neighborhood of Bağlar (Rezik). Two women carried out works in two neighborhoods as two friends. The people began to embrace these two friends. Axîn, who became the target of the state, had been arrested in February 15, 2004. Zeryan had been arrested four months later after Axîn’s arrest. After being released, Axîn joined the PKK on June 18, 2005. Zeryan had been released three days ago of departure of Axîn. Zeryan understood that Axîn would join the PKK and wrote her:

“Dear Heval (comrade) Axîn. Take a deep breath from freedom when you feel you are really tired. A breath hurts your lungs. Say hello to the freedom and free space when you leave the breath. That time you will understand that the life is on the sweat on your forehead. Take a breath for me too, OK? Take care of yourself. Kisses.”

Zeryan decided to join the PKK on July 7, 2005. They fought on same mountains for a while. Then, two friends’ path crossed in Botan area. Axîn was martyred in Cizre while Zeryan in Şirnex.

Axîn and Zeryan’s friends in struggle said: “Axîn was a sprightly and restless woman. Zeryan, meanwhile, had a great loyalty to her comrades. Two comrades Axîn and Zeryan were bond with each other and Kurdish people at heart. They chose to be together in everywhere. Murderous mentality couldn’t even distinguish them.”


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