IMPRInternational Middle East Peace Research Center (IMPR) states that if the Iranian regime does not turn into a democratic nation, the Kurds will take military action for their solutions soon.

According to the institutes’ report which issued on Iran and Rojhelat (East Kurdistan), the report mentioned that if the Iranian regime does not create a democratic atmosphere and does not partake in democratic changes, the vast majority of the Kurdish people will choose the military strategies.

IMPR, studies and analyses the struggling on the Sociology of the Middle East. They prepared and published the report to express their opinion about Kurds in Iran and Rojhelat, and was then titled “the Kurds perspectives in Iran about the Kurdish question and its solution”.

In its report, the view of numbers of academics, regional media, civil society organizations and other experts were reflected.

In that report, it was pointed out that Kurdish people and Kurdish political movements in the North West of Iran or East Kurdistan have been influenced by the peace process in North Kurdistan and Turkey and the Kurdish revolution in Rojawa and Syria. For that reason, they have followed their demands, acts and situations closely. Consequently, if the Iranian regime does not assign their rights to a democratic way and does not partake in democratic changes in Iran, Kurds will choose military actions to solve the Kurdish problem in Iran.

What is more, the IMPR noted that there is no substance in the Iranian constitution which guarantees to safeguard the rights of the Kurds in Iran.

According to IMPR, the positive or negative consequences of the process that is currently underway on the Kurds in Turkey will influence Kurds in Iran and will be force to take practical steps to ensure the rights of Kurds.

The suppliers of this report claimed that the representatives of PJAK (Free Life Party of Kurdistan), HDKI (Democratic Party of Kurdistan of Iran) and the PAK (Freedom Party) during a meeting together agreed on new terms that have been achieved in Turkey and Syria that will also affect Tehran.

Consequently, with this insight that the Kurdish parties in Iran are preparing for requirements to achieve their rights in the near future.


Source: Firat News Agency
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