Özgür Gündem

Huseyin Ali one of the writers of Ozugr Gundem newspaper has written an article related to the recent execution of two Kurdish political prisoners in Iran. While he emphasizing that the reason for these executions is not only domestic issues, he wrote that Hassan Rouhani wanted to transfer the message of enmity with the Kurds to the Turkish regime.

Huseyin Ali, the Middle East expert and one of the writers of Özgür Gündem newspaper in his recent article he practiced the reasons of execution of Habibullah Golparipour and Reza Mamedi by the Iranian government.

He explained, while the members of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) have been executed before, once again the Iranian regime hanged two cadres and supporters of PJAK. Iran uses these executions not only for domestic reasons but also as a tool for its foreign policies. Most of the time, Iran has been using execution as a political tool in a hideous approach whenever wanted to transfer a message to Turkey and step forward to improve the relations with this country.

Huseyin Ali by noting that stopping the execution of political prisoners was one of the terms of cease fire between PJAK and Iranian government, writing in the current cease fire situation nobody was expecting the recent executions but it is clear that the Iranian regime has found a better replacement than the establishment of cease fire with PJAK which violated one of the cease fire terms.

The first probability would be that Iran wants to improve its relations with Turkey. Iran is observing the tension between the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) and Turkey, seeking to encourage for war. Turkey, also by supporting the criminal rebel groups whom are attacking Rojava (the western region of Kurdistan) automatically is moving forward on the path of war. Iran which is not in the favor of stopping war in northern Kurdistan (Bakur) by performing recent executions sending message to Turkey that if you restart war with PKK, Iran will stand next to Turkey in this war. By studying the way of Iranian policies we cannot imagine other possibilities.

This Middle East expert is adding, Iran by sending this message, that Iran is ready to participate in the anti-Kurd policies is seeking proximity with Turkey and restoring their relationship to the time that Turkey did not collaborate with the United States regarding the Syria and Libya. Even if Iran will not be successful in achieving its goal through executions, at least it is trying to emit Turkey from the path of anti-Iran policies.

Huseyin Ali at the end of his article by stating that Iran does filthily politics, writing that the Islamic Republic of Iran must understand that there will not be any outcome from executions and these actions only acute the relationship of Kurds and government and resulting a severe war.


Translated: Rojhelat.info