Twenty five Kurdish Student organizations asked the Iranian president elect Mr Rouhani to honour his promises that were part of his election campaign manifesto.

In an open letter to the Iranian president elect, the student activists congratulated Mr Rouhani for being selected as future Iranian president and stated that they are aiming to see that Mr Rouhani adopts different approach toward the people’s right and makes great efforts to accomplish the legal and inheritance rights and demands of the Iranian Nations.

The 25 signatories of the open letter raised fundamental issues that concern all Iranian nations. Student organizations claimed that the people are suffering from several issues which are undermining the very basic structure of the society, for example, price raise of commodities dramatically, unemployment, poverty and class gap, discrimination, corruption, censorship. They have continued by stating that the restricted electoral process and procedural rules and the political atmosphere dominating the society is contributing effectively to worsening of the issues highlighted by the signatory student organizations.

The open letter aimed to remind the Iranian president elects Mr Rouhani of the critical situation of the Iranian citizens in general and students in particular. In the open letter the student organizations stated that despite the ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity, the right of each citizen must be identified through the clear and specific rules and procedures. Even though the Iranian Constitution encompassed the inheritance and fundamental rights theoretically, indeed, none of the rights contained in the constitution have been implemented. For almost three decades Kurds has been deprived of their most humanistic, inheritance and fundamental rights, such as studying in their own language “Mother Tongue” preserving their culture, history and literature. As a result of discriminatory policies and oppressive means adopted against them, Kurdish people were prevented from the right of association “forming political parties” and the right of self-ruling.

The students claimed that Kurds are the victims of the military and security policies implemented against them for the last three decades. As a result of the specific policies adopted against the Kurds the Kurdish regions were back warded and turned into one of the most undeveloped regions of Iran, in fact, poverty and unemployment in its highest level.

Even though it would be difficult if not impossible to tackle all the social, economic and political crises in your first presidency term, it is possible to slightly and systematically prepare the necessary foundations to solve the issues, if you take all the concerns and possibilities into account seriously: “The Student organizations said”.

In conclusion, the student organizations requested Mr Rouhani to fulfil the promises he made during his election campaign, and in order to achieve satisfactory result, the students stated that Mr Rouhani must benefit from the skills and potential of different Iranian ethnicities, particularly the Kurds.


Source: NNSROJ