On Saturday, 24th April 2021, two citizens were arrested in the city of Sna (Sanandaj) by the security and intelligence forces of the Iranian government.

According to a received report by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, two civil activists, “Marzieh Gholamveisi” and “Sirvan Abdollahi”, were arrested by the security and intelligence forces of the I.R. Iran in Sna and were transferred to an unknown location.

It is noteworthy to be announced that these two citizens are family (mothers and son) and have been arrested in their private homes without any reason or court order.

According to this report, it is not clear that which security agency arrested them and where they have been transferred. It is also not clear that which sentence would be faced to this two citizens.

Since the beginning of this year, dozens of citizens and civil and political activists have been detained by the Iranian security forces and transferred to the detention centres. Some detainees have been released on heavy bail after interrogation. However, most of them are still in detention and deprived of their basic rights.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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