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Amed Shaho

It has been set that the 13th presidential election in Iran will be held on 18th June 2021, in an undemocratic atmosphere, vague, economic, political and social instability. For now, the electoral furnace has been blazed, and each wing and party, according to its own interests and intentions, wants to reach their morsel of that hot forge heartily. On the one hand, the wings of the fundamentalists, the reformists, and the moderates, each in their turn, they thump the election drum, and want to attract the public’s attention to themselves. Even according to the previous terms’ schedules of the previous terms of this position, how many hopes have been left for the people, to pay attentions to the drums and with their votes, would blaze the furnace? What will be the difference between this election and the other twelve terms’ presidential elections in the past?

Will the future state of the regime become a man’s state, or will it be a people and democratic state, in which the willpower of the women will be sovereign? Once again, in this election, there are many questions, which need to be agitated, why all the internal wings of Iran avoid of approaching themselves on this issue. Why the women in Iran have not the right to be president? Are not women worthy of the president?

Will women be permitted in this election candidate themselves for this position? Are they once again would be rejected by the Guardian Council? How ready women to participate in this election terms are, and to what extent has, the authoritarian ignited the light in this affair? Would people happily vote for Democratic candidates and women’s courage?

The experience of the last 12 terms of the presidential election is the contained in the message that the position is engaged monopoly men’s names, and with passing forty years in power of the regime, the fate of becoming women as republic president is still mysterious and vague. The authorities with the 115 article misrepresented of the regime’s constitution in such a way, the regime has contrived that the republic president must be elected between religious Rejal (man-male) and political factions.

While in the mentality of the regime, Rejal is a masculine term and the Guardian Council with their own desire that has so far been leaning to the mentality of men gainfully has interpreted it and women have been discriminated of becoming in the presidential election.

At the beginning of igniting the fire of the 13th term of the republic president, the spokesman for the regime’s Guardian Council stated that may be the next Iranian republic president would be a woman. This means that both women and men can become republic president. Is this a true and serious statement, or is it another catch phrase of the regime’s officials? Is this means, the regime in such a state of readiness that the next president of Iran should be a woman? Is that a possibility or is it the regime’s new program and strategy? If both women and men can become the republic president, then in the last 12 terms of elections, where have women been in this imbalanced election? If the regime is serious and truthful, why do not those catch phrases legalise and take practical steps in that regard?

The regime officials with statements such, “There is no legal ban on the presence of women for the presidency, but the issue of women to the post is linked to the issue of culture, mores and traditions of society”. Denotation, they do not ask themselves the question of who has dominated the culture and who once again throws the ball of crime into the national arena. A spokesperson for a centralisation that has entombed the will of women has said that at the beginning of the election preparations, throws the game ball to the position of women and society. While the council has not yet considered of competence of a woman candidate for president, and has always rejected the competence. What is the secret of Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei’s statement? Does the regime to success the 13th term of the republic presidency want to make a ladder of the women of its victory and use the only remaining card on the seat of authoritarian?

Those slogans are just for the sake of heating up the election game. It is in order to collect the votes of the people and increase the participation of the people in the elections of the year 0f 1400 (21/03/2021-20/03/2022). Since the last experience of the eleventh parliamentary elections was apparently recorded, that the lowest voters in the history of the regime’s elections have partaken. It is a dangerous bell for the thirteenth presidential election term, which in the history shows us that the voter participation of elections were at the lowest and also fore the regime to lose its legitimacy forever among the people, society and public opinion of the world. The regime to prevent this possibility, attempts in all emotion and the unused factors of the election to direct and with these catch phrases to take people to the ballots.

If the regime confesses to its 41 years of its crimes against women, regrets its actions, and intends to fundamentally change, in the first phase, needs to consider the correct interpretation of the Rejal (men-males) political phrase. The regime must announce the hidden and ambiguous aspects of the article for women and public opinion and provide the negotiate atmosphere of it. By amending the article, the wall of masculinity will be abolished in the face of women’s efficient fairness and competence, and then the opportunity would be provided to take the second step. This means that women will be able to candidate themselves for republic president and supreme leader, which then they will be eligible to participate in the election and to be guaranteed, and the obstacles to be abolished. Guaranteeing women’s rights through the law allows women toward to the third stage of the election, which is the stage of recognising and advertising of elections

At this stage, it is necessary to ensure that women use the apparatus of the advertising justly and equality, that the advertisement for a one-sided patriarchy must be ended and that a two-side election be held, then men and women should take competition for the republic presidency position in a democracy and freedom. Implementing these natural rights and fundamental factors, by the regime does not deprive women from attainment the electoral finals and people do not avoid participating in democratic elections. This can be viewed as the observatory and wish of women and society, and be named as the only option for the democratisation of Iran. If the democratic process would be considerate in the republic presidential election, then the final stage of the election, which is the victory of the elected candidate, will not be virile. Considering the last stage of the election is to provide the vote and the percentages of the people participating, especially for women. That means, the people vote for their candidate who is a woman, but an option has been imposed on the people that is not according to the will of the people, and it is clear that for 41 years only the masculine option has been imposed on a society, which half of it are women. In this term, the inclination to bring a military figure of the Guards Army, all the catch phrases of the regime officials would revoke and incompetent, and devastates the inclination to participate voting of women and nations; Azeri, Kurd, Balooch, Arabic and other Iranian fractions.

At this point the contradiction between the individual’s mind and the law of the regime, why is there no difference in going to the ballot box between men and women, but the difference between the election and the candidate is so deep and unjustifiable? The regime has used the women ladder for 41 years to reach the seat of power and women have been deprived of all their rights. The regime has established a policy that has monopolised women for their advantages of power. The regime wants women (participating in elections and voting) passively, takes them to the ballots with thrill. However, to participate in women’s activities (being candidates and being elected) their participation would be diminished and weakened. The behind of this plan has been cleared of women today, and women do not allow to be used as an apparatus of the igniting the game in the election. The regime has once again set some obstacles in the revision of the new electoral law to prevent women from participating in the presidential election, such as;

A candidate to become a republic presidential must have 8 years experience of governing large cities, key positions of the regime, Deputy Chief of Triple, Secretary of the Security Council, Mayor if large cities with more than three million of their population, have been a governor, to be at least 45 years old, but not more than 70 years old. These conditions have really deprived the majority of the society and particularly the qualified and expert women to participate in the republic presidential election.

These obstacles would cause of leaving the most individuals, particularly women from the caravan of the candidates of republican presidential. The regime must now understand that well; an election by the people is welcome if it is not a one-sided election and the culture of democratic competition prevails. An option that has terrified the regime until presents of undertaking, which releases the entry for women to participate actively, then allows women to participate in electoral campaigns democratically. Creating an atmosphere that makes nation to have hopeful of the next president of Iran will solve the problems of women, peoples, and particularly politic, economic and social issues.

Since of the recent experience of the last two terms of the Ruhani’s presidency, or even at the beginning of the election, the game of women’s participation was agitated, and after the election, women were marginalised of the country’s leading. Worse than that, is the 8 years of the Rouhani’s authoritarian, which tighten the life of women and was nominated as woman murderer government. Simultaneously, all internal wings in Iran must be concordant of that focus, which women’s active participation in the presidency would guarantee their remaining. The fundamentalist wing, don not rely on to the participation of women in the republic presidency position, and they prepare for an agreement on a military figure, and on the other hand announce the phase of a woman candidate to achieve their targets. It is necessary for all women and organisations of these extremist wings and for all women and individuals and liberals to oppose the new concept that will limit their freedoms and increase their danger of repression in the future.

In addition, the moderate and reformist wings and all the parties and organisations of those two wings, should be more open and different from the fundamentalist wing. Accordingly, these two wings have lost all their honest by the people. The fundamentalist by reaching for the power, they announce shrouding of these two wings and their struggle and activity opportunities will be abolished forever. Therefore, an agreement with an experienced option and a burnt dice only serves to turn the mill of the authoritarian. Consequently, their only option to be remained is away from the pressure of the power and restores the trust of the commons, is related to an agreement on a candidate with a strong female potential. That provided an excellent opportunity for the Iranian people should not be missed.

Similarly, if the Guardian Council does not immediately announce its interpretation of the political Rejal (men, males) to the public, will women be able to candidate themselves for becoming republic president or not? If there is an obstacle, of participating of women and it will not be clearly considered and will not be officially confirmed in the public opinion and the candidacy of women for the presidency will not be legalised? The inquiry of election by the women and the nation would be put into service hatch and the hopes of people to participate the scenario election, which the republic presidential is already indicated without the people’s will would be collapsed. By creating this situation, extremism will take over Iran and become the most dangerous period of the regime’s authoritarian, in which all the hopes and aspirations of the opened blossoms of the country will be interment, and a new phase of the people’s struggle against the authoritarian will begin.