Saturday, March 21, 2021 “Sarok Abulghasemi” a resident of Sna (Sanandaj) arrested by the IRGC.
According to the reports received to KMMK, Sarok Abolghasemi was arrested during the 2721 Kurdish Nowruz Celebrations in “Sar-Nve” neighbourhood around the barracks of the 28 Army of the Iranian government in Kurdistan province.
The IRGC special forces, police and non-uniformed security forces attacked and beat the peoples. During the attack, Sarok Abolghasemi was arrested and taken to an unknown location.
No information is available on his fate or holding place as of this report.
The Iranian government has banned Kurdish Nowruz and New Year celebrations and deployed special forces in Kurdish cities to prevent public celebrations.
It should be noted, the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) is known as a terrorist group.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association